Education & Research

Student Exchange Programme

To provide exposure to opportunities inherent in research careers in areas relevant to Diabetes in a multi-cultural environment, Kanungo Institute of Diabetes Specialties (K.I.D.S) is providing internship courses for students of Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, twice a year. The Summer Internship during the month of May and the Winter Internship during the month of November.

The Students are taught Clinical as well as theoretical aspects of Diabetes and its complications in the programme, 5 days a week. Faculties from all the departments (Diabetology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Eye Dept. and Dental Dept) of K.I.D.S hospital are engaged in teaching the students. The internship course comprises of 3 speculative sessions.

  • Clinical session
  • Theoretical (Lecture) Session
  • Clinical case Demonstration

Besides, the students are endow with exposure to visit local Govt. hospitals, private hospitals and medical colleges, public health centers and community health centers to acquire adequate practical understanding of the concepts.

Medical students of Karolinska Institutet, Sweden are also encouraged to deal with patients in different health caps organize by K.I.D.S during their visit period.

During a nearly one-month visit, the Swedish exchange students get the opportunity to learn about Diabetes and its associated acute or chronic complications. Participants also develop a comprehensive understanding of diabetes, its clinical manifestations and its unsolved problems. This provides them the opportunity to investigate cutting edge research in the field of Diabetes and develops contemporary research skills in the students.


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