Press Releases


  • [15/04/2011]  Diabetics susceptible to hearing loss too (The New Indian Express)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [04/04/2011]  KIDS adds more Healthcare Facilities (Orissa Post)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [26/02/2011]  Diabetes can be prevented (Twin City Plus)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [02/02/2011]  Micro Study to find out Causes of Diabetes (The New Indian Express  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [09/01/2011]  Twin Assault on Diabetes (Sunday Express)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [15/12/2010]  Conference on Stress held (The Hindu)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [20/11/2010]  Diabetes Checkup week (Sambad)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [15/11/2010]  Experts sound diabetes wake-up call (The New Indian Express)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [15/11/2010]  Diabetes Day (The Telegraph)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [27/08/2010]  Economic Progress takes its toll on people's health (Express News Service)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [09/08/2010]  MoU Signed to check dibetes (The Telegraph)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [30/04/2010]  Wrong diet for diabetics could spell down (The New Indian Express)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [07/04/2010]  Diabetes High in Rural Pockets (The Hindu)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [13/03/2010]  Vaccine for diabetes soon (The Statesman)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [11/03/2010]  Childhood Diabetes : Research fining open up new hope (The New Indian Express)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [19/02/2010]  Diabetis? Acoid Food Amputation (The New Indian Express)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [09/01/2010]  Education on diabetes needed (The New Indian Express)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [13/11/2009]  Totality approach needed for diabetes cure (Orissa Today)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [12/11/2009]  Diabets caese on the rise (The Statesman)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [12/11/2009]  Diabetes spreads its tentacles in Orissa (The Times of India)  [Newspaper Cutting]
  • [11/11/2009]  More cate givers needed for Diabetes Management (Express News Service)  [Newspaper Cutting]

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