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Department of Diabetes is the flagship Department of the Hospital. Our core competency in Diabetes care, research and education has taken us on to the world map. We believe, Diabetes is a multi-organ disorder. Our specialized packages help the patients to diagnose complications at an early stage and our multi speciality group of Doctors provide complete solution to patient problems. Starting from basic blood glucose workouts, we provide CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) & Insulin pump therapy to our patients. We are the best Diabetes care provider for all categories of Diabetes like Type1, Type2 and pregnancy related Diabetes in this part of the country.Diabetes usually affects organs like:

  • Brain (stroke)
  • Heart (heart attack)
  • Leg (gangrene)
  • Kidney (kidney failure)
  • Eye (retinopathy)
  • Nerve Damage (neuropathy)

Additionally, diabetes itself can cause high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and high infection rates.

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