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Kanungo Institute of Diabetes Specialities Pvt. Ltd is a leading integrated diabetes and multispeciality care provider in India. The healthcare verticals of the company primarily comprises of Diagnostics, Outpatient departments, Indoor patient department, Intensive care unit, state of the art operation theater and emergency care facilities. Currently, the company operates its healthcare delivery services in Bhubaneswar catering to the need of PAN India. Presently the hospital is with 18 healthcare specialities and 100 patient beds. We are proud to serve more than 100 thousand happy patients in our hospital. We understand seeking medical treatment outside your home can be physically and mentally difficult. So at Kanungo Institute of Diabetes Specialities, we are eager to get you home!


Our mission is to bring world class multispeciality diabetes care within the reach of every individual


We are committed for the betterment of the people who lack effective and quality health care services. We intend to help the people to lead quality of life in spite of Diabetes.


To be the leader in Diabetes care across the world for prevention and treatment of diabetes with substantial research & development in Management of Diabetes


  • Patient Centric: Commit to 'best outcomes and experience' for our patients.Treat patients and their caregivers with compassion, care and understanding.
  • Integrity: Be principled, open and honest..
  • Teamwork: Proactively support each other and operate as one team.
  • Ownership: Be responsible and take pride in our actions.
  • Innovation: Continuously improve and innovate to exceed expectations.


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